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Welcome to is the Gateway for International Physicians seeking to enter the United States of America. The process which International Physicians have to go through to practice medicine the USA is arduous and lengthy. There are many steps and requirements which are which they must fulfill. A physician who fails to complete just one of the steps will delay and  frustrate his/her efforts. 

That is why was founded. Our goal is to provide International Physicians which the information necessary to fully understand the multi-step process to practicing medicine in the USA.

We know from experience what this process requires. Instead of aimlessly wandering through the paperwork and process on your own, you utilize the information provided by to handle the process from the beginning to the end. We encourage you to investigate the services which we offer. This site is continually being updated. Please visit frequently for the latest news concerning International Physicians practicing medicine in the USA and other Countries.

Additional Physician Services

Primary Source Credentialing:

Are you a Physician in the USA who is applying for Employment / Licensure over seas? Need assistance with obtaining USA Based Verifications, Apostilles, and Certifications? can handle this process for you. If you are 5000 miles away, coordinating and obtaining the required documents and verifications can be a virtual impossibility. Not with on your side. We can request, follow up, compile, and ship via Fedex all required primary source verifications to you, any hospital, or Government Institution any where in the world for you.

We can also offer these services directly to any Hospital, Employer, or Locum Tenen Company seeking to place / hire a USA Based Physician in another Country. can be your Administrative Support Provider for all your concerns in the United States.

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Concierge - Virtual Office: can provide a USA Based Virtual Office for you while you pursue opportunities over seas. As notices, mail, bills, official correspondence arrives for you at our mailing address, these items will be forwarded to you by courier, email, or fax so that you do not miss a thing while you are away. We can also open and process any mail / requests per your instructions. We also offer Bill Pay services so that your affairs in the USA stay in order and nothing is missed including Renewals, Board Notices, and Correspondence.

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